Monthly Archives: July 2016

Another Cheeky Polyp

I knew it had to come out at some point – this wretched dangleberry as I had affectionately nicknamed it – that was taking up precious space inside my uterus.  Another interruption and anomaly in my reproductive system. Yet when the call came in to confirm that it was ‘all systems go’ I lurched into readiness.  I wonder how often this is the experience of those going through any kind of medical process.  One gears oneself up for it, prepares and then ponders in the waiting and when the letter or phone call finally arrives one is still suddenly thrown by the confirmation that it is time.  My first encounter with a polyp a year ago informed us that they can reoccur but it was a blow to accept that I was now facing another medical procedure a year later.

What I hadn’t considered in much detail was how I wanted to approach from a spiritual perspective this latest blip on the journey.  I think sometimes the matter-of-fact medical system can distort or remove the supernatural lenses through which we need to view all circumstances in life.  It hadn’t occurred to me to have an expectation that the operation could be executed even more smoothly than the last one.  It hadn’t crossed my mind that I could expect a swift and painless recovery.  From a practical perspective I had experience on my side and we had chosen to use Create’s services this time to maintain continuity of care. But I hadn’t thought to pray that there would be something new in God’s way of working in the midst of it all, even when He reminded me every single day for the month of April through the picture on my calendar!


The verse reads, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than all we could ask or imagine according to His power at work in us.  Ephesians 3:20”

And so it was with some surprise that I found myself out the other side of surgery and sedation in much better shape than I had anticipated.  A pot containing a portion of the polyp was enthusiastically shown to me by my surgeon.  He was confident that this mass, which had been easy to find because it was taking up pretty much all the space in my womb, was now completely removed right down to its root.  I recovered quickly in the hours and days to follow with barely a twinge of pain and only a small amount of bleeding and tiredness.  Remarkable. God had reminded me to expect more of Him than I had been willing to.  I suppose I thought the discomfort and recovery were all part of the process to be accepted and weathered as best I could. How often do we assume we should put up with what we believe we deserve and miss the whole point of God’s gracious nature?!  Our prayers and those of my darling family and friends had been heard.  It was an important reminder to ask for and expect His favour and goodness in ALL things.

And so, we press onwards.  This strong, healthy, velvety uterus is free to claim and nourish its precious pearl now.  I am so glad to have been reminded by this unexpected extra event to ask and expect Father God’s grace and favour.  The song Good, Good Father by Bethel Church has been going around and around my head over the last few months.  Its lyrics have taken me a while to reconcile myself to, but I declare them now from a place of passion and total belief, whatever comes.