Keep holding on

Over the last five years I’ve had the privilege of chatting with countless women about their infertility journeys, and I’ve been so grateful for their vulnerability, honesty and willingness to share what they’ve been through. It has encouraged me, renewed my faith and reminded me that I’m not alone. Through these conversations, I’ve noticed a thread emerge of common themes, emotions, questions and confusions as we’ve shared our hearts together. Infertility causes so much turbulence in our lives. It shakes our relationships. It strangles our faith. It batters our identity. It drains our resolve. It dumps sadness and uncertainty upon us, leaving us gasping for air. And yet despite all this, there is one significant truth that we can guarantee will keep us steady and secure as we move forward, and that is that God is faithful.

Despite what we might think or feel and despite what we might see in the experiences we’re living through, God never abandons His post in our lives. What’s more, He can take our anger or sorrow, our confusion or pain, our poor decisions and unbelief as infertility knocks us about because He is patient and kind. And luckily for us, the Creator of our universe doesn’t see things the way we do. He will always call us back to Himself because He loves us unconditionally. He will always encourage us to be the unique and fruitful people He designed us to be because He knows that there is more. He will always have the last word on a subject because He is sovereign and almighty. And for these reasons alone, He is infinitely trustworthy and absolutely good – even on the days when our circumstances would beg to differ!

You see, despite how much they invade every area of our lives and loves, our seasons of infertility do not have the right to rule our hearts and minds – only Jesus has that privilege. And because of that, we must pursue Him.

This morning as I was pondering these thoughts, I came across this video interview with a couple who run a church in Florida, USA, called Rich and DawnChere Wilkerson. They went through infertility for eight years before having a baby at the beginning of this year. I found their perspective on the familiar themes of infertility really helpful and decided to share it here. Be encouraged today.


1 thought on “Keep holding on

  1. Becca

    Thank-you so much for sharing this Helena. I’ve found it really encouraging today. Continuing to pray for you guys xxx



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