About me

For the last few years people who know me have kept telling me that I should be writing. Some of these friends have read my writing before but most who bring it up haven’t. I recognise the voice of God in the repeated encouragement.

Many moons ago I was a journalist.  I love writing and always have done but felt I struggled to find my subject.  I’m not a tweeter.  I don’t reel off pithy one-liners on a regular basis.  I’m not of such great opinion that I feel driven to share my thoughts on the big debates of life.  Yet writing makes me come alive.  So I prayed (a dangerous move!) and God gave me an experience to write about.

It’s not quite the topic I had in mind.  Struggling with infertility is not something I have welcomed or would wish on anyone.  But I can be honest, passionate, vulnerable and real about it. More importantly, I feel I need to give a voice to what seems like a hidden subject for those outside the experience.  I wanted to put words to paper to record this time in my life so that when it is over I don’t lose my sense of humility and compassion, perseverance and wonder.  I need to write because I want to explain what it is to go through a period of infertility and wonder if you’ll ever come out the other side.  I felt compelled to write because God lit a flame in my soul and I couldn’t sit still until my fingers touched the keys and I started to express what was bursting to escape out of me.

So here we are.  This is our infertility story.  It’s not the same as anyone else’s infertility story and I would much rather not have it define me through this ‘About’ section. These words are coming from a person who is a constant work in progress.

I hope what I have written on this blog will be useful. There are many amazing blogs on infertility. If this one doesn’t help and you are looking for help then please keep searching. Sharing our stories is the best way to find encouragement and acceptance and there are many other amazing women out there who know how to talk about this issue.

I hope it gives hope. I’m unashamed in sharing how my faith in God has underpinned all that we’ve been through. For me, without Jesus there is no hope and that is why I talk about my faith a lot because we all need hope – and actually we all need Jesus.

And I hope it speaks of all that God has done and is doing in me; all that I’m about and all that I believe my future holds.

Helena 🙂

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