The Power of Prayer

In this lonely season as I have searched through books, the internet, podcasts and worship music to find comfort and company I have been reminded again and again of the power of prayer, especially from those around us. If you’re reading this and in your own waiting time, I implore you to seek out regular prayer from those around you rather than battle this time alone. Prayer is so crucial. It breaks strongholds over us and it releases us from the powers of darkness that would love to keep us low. When our own words fail or we feel like we’re boring everyone with our stuck-record requests it is still in those times that we should look to others to pick up the baton for us and help us to move forwards again through prayer and through the speaking out of God’s words over us. There is no shame in leaning on others when the going gets tougher than we’ve ever known before. Everything that matters to us matters to God. He loves us and He wants us to keep coming to Him even if that’s through the words of another. Find fellowship, build your army of pray-ers around you and keep on seeking His face for more of His presence and more of His purpose in the pain. When your voice is hoarse from crying out to God, ask those around you to cry out on your behalf. The victory will be even sweeter with others to share in the pleasure of answered prayer.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t been through infertility yourself, please, please can I encourage you to pray earnestly and regularly for those going through it. I know there is so very much in life to be praying for. It is such a difficult time to keep asking for prayer and at times when our prayers as an individual or a collective are not answered, the temptation is to give up, to assume it’s not God’s will or timing or way and fall silent or put it to one side for a while. But that is rubbish and we must pursue breakthrough for those we love. He has said in his Word that “no woman shall be barren” and any woman in the midst of a barren season needs her hand holding and her heart cheering as two or more seek God’s will together for deliverance to come. Your words are mighty in piercing the darkness on earth with the light of Heaven’s intentions. Pray, pray and pray some more. Never give up praying. There will be days when it feels like wasted breath but He always hears and eventually answers will come. Thank you 🙂

Finally, if you’re already praying for people who you know are struggling with infertility – can I just thank you on their behalf.  Wow!  What a blessing.


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