Hope Like a Juggernaut

Yesterday God showed me that even when new things – or old things – cause me to wobble, he’s still fully passionate about reminding me of one of the central messages of His outlook on life.

As we drove down our lane and waited to turn out onto the busy main road, a huge lorry I had never seen before thundered past the front of our car.  On the side of the lorry in huge letters was the word HOPE.


Father God has been telling me lately in gentle, delicate ways to keep hoping – through songs, through beautiful delicate flowers, through others’ prayers for us.  Yet on this occasion, as I was feeling shaky once again, he seemed to just want to clonk me over the head with a massive dollop of reassurance,

“HOPE!!  Have hope, Helena!”.

It turns out that the contents of these lorries are used by the construction industry to lay the foundations of new buildings.  Right now I can’t think of a better foundation to be laying in my own life than that of hope – in Him.  So, can I encourage you to seek out hope – in all circumstances.  When you’re feeling wobbly return to Jesus – the One in whom we have our hope because He paid the price and set us free with His amazing act of sacrifice and love.

If you need to be reminded of the power and importance of hope, have a look at this very brief study here from a few months back.


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