The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room (Psalm 62)

I enter your temple, your fortress,
and I feel my lungs expand and relax in the cool, sweet air.
All is still.
All is safe.
I sense my breathing slow as the door closes behind me.
As I move towards the centre I hear your heartbeat – a gentle, steady, comforting pulse.
It soothes my weary mind.
You are here; I sense the change in the atmosphere.
I’m not alone.
The clanging din from outside is far away from me now.
The tall walls of this refuge – your home – hug me tightly.
I hear the echo of my feet as I tap across the stone floor.
Shafts of light squeeze through the shutters, eager to catch a glimpse of this moment.
I feel your eyes upon me and I know your pleasure.
It’s just you and me; just how we like it.
You tell me I can stay as long as I like.
I’m not frightened anymore.
My soul soars
and your hands catch me and draw me close.
I would like to dance cheek-to-cheek forever.
That would be heaven to me.


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