Beauty from the Ashes

I was reminded of a simple truth as I entered church on Sunday evening and heard the comforting sounds of worship music playing: God’s very nature is to redeem everything. Our Father, who has spent the whole of eternity drawing his children back to himself, cannot help but restore, redeem, renew, revive, re-make, rekindle, repay. It is just who He is.

And so this mess, this pain, this loss that I’m in once again…….He can take that and turn the disappointment into an appointment, the ashes into beauty, and my mourning into joy. I thought we had reached that place finally with this pregnancy, but instead we find we’re facing another detour and delay. Yet our circumstances don’t stop God from being who He inherently is. He can’t be anything but Himself. 

So even as I walk through the Valley of Death at this time, I can know that my God will have the last word here and that even now He is going about His business and making all things new. 


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