Middle of the Night Shufflings

As I sleepily shuffled to the toilet in the pitch black early hours of the morning a few days ago, I distinctly heard God’s voice speak to my semi-conscious mind,

“I have not forgotten you. I just need you to trust me”.

Trusting God has been a recurring refrain from our Father’s heart to these two stubborn, self-sufficient, fix-it types over the last few years. The lesson has come in all sorts of forms and guises and we don’t seem to be getting much quicker at learning. (Well ok, we might be learning to trust Him in incremental fits and starts!).

As I have mulled over these two brief statements that came to me in the literal darkness of this new year, I have come to feel that it’s right to share them with you. God says to me and He says to you, “I have not forgotten you. I just need you to trust me”.

Come with me on this life-long journey of trust in the One who is infinitely faithful and forever trustworthy. Let’s start again today. Let’s do what He says and trust Him. What have we got to lose?


1 thought on “Middle of the Night Shufflings

  1. Jane

    I have been reading your blog for a while. We were told six years ago that we couldn’t have children and a friend had a word, before we knew there were any problems, that we were to trust God with the situation. A few years later, I was at a summer conference and, whilst there, God spoke to me clearly through a song called ‘Sovereign over us’ where the line, ‘Your plans are still to prosper, you have not forgotten us’ stopped me in my tracks as I knew I believed I was forgotten/abandoned by God in this area. So your two words resonated lots with me when I read this blog post. We were in the middle of the IVF process when I first read it, but we found out the week before last that it had been unsuccessful. On Sunday, I was in church and a new lady came up to me to say she’d seen me a couple of weeks before with the words ‘Not forgotten’ above my head. This has all worked together to whisper reminders of what God has spoken to me in the past, and helping me to hold on in this journey. Just want to encourage you that your blog posts are really helpful.



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